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updated 4/5/2015

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News & Updates



Added a couple of pages to my diary/blog covering theremainder of my trip to southern Spain.



Added a couple of pages to my diary/blog covering the first couple of weeks of my trip to southern Spain.



Updated my diary/blog. I've added several pages to the blog section which cover February's trip to Belize. The final two pages are not quite complete yet as I haven't had a chance to write any text from them due to spending most of last week suffering from a viral infection and I'm now in southern Spain for the start of a 35 day trip documenting the spring migration across the Strait of Gibraltar so probably won't have much time for web-updates...



Updated my diary/blog.



Happy New Year! A selection of the best of 2014 has just been uploaded to the Diary/Blog. Over the last few weeks I've been working hard on updating the bird galleries and have added over 200 new species! I'm also in the process of creating bird galleries specific to geographic regions. The Australian Bird Gallery (currently containing 357 species) is now online and galleries for Europe, North America and Central / South America should be ready in the next week or two...



Added the final updates from my Australian trip to the diary/blog.



Added more updates to the diary/blog from the Australian trip covering 21st October - 1st November.



Updated the Mammal Galleries with photos from my Australian trip. The species added / updated are: Honey Possum, Duck-billed Platypus, Short-beaked Echidna, Agile Wallaby, Whiptail Wallaby, Euro (Common Wallaroo), Red-necked Wallaby, Black-footed Rock Wallaby, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Western Grey Kangaroo, Red-necked Pademelon, Quokka, Spectacled Flying-fox and Humpback Whale.



Updated the diary/blog with more from my Australian trip.



Updated the diary/blog with more from my Australian trip.



Updated the diary/blog with more from my Australian trip.



Updated the diary/blog with more from my Australian trip.



Updated the diary/blog with more from my Australian trip.



I've updated the diary/blog with more from my Australian trip. I'm now over 2 months behind but I should be able to catch up with my image editing fairly quickly now that I have arrived back home to a miserable, dark, dull and wet British winter...



I've updated the diary/blog with more photos from my time in the Port Douglas hinterlands and a boat trip I took along the Daintree River. The blog is now complete up to the end of August so I am now "only" 6 weeks behind in my editing (about 25,000 images!).

I arrived at Alice Springs this morning after a very long drive up from Adelaide and will be spending the next couple of weeks exploring the MacDonnell Ranges to the west of Alice Springs. I'm hoping to get good images of many of the arid country specialists and the scenery up here is beautiful...



Sorry for the recent lack of updates. I'm getting very behind in my image editing during my current trip to Australia. The weather has been so good that I have been out from dawn to dusk without a break for the last month and today is the first day I have seen rain since arriving in Australia (I'm now just south of Brisbane at Lamington National Park). This rain-break has allowed me to at least make a start in catching up with the computer work and I've uploaded another update to the blog. This is dedicated to the 13 species of honeyeaters I saw during my stay in the Port Douglas hinterlands and can be found here. I'll try and upload the second part (all non-honeyeater wildlife) in the next couple of days if I have internet access at the campsite.



The first of my reports from my current 90 day tour of Australia are now online. These cover the first 3 days of my trip and include Cairns city centre area and Michaelmas Cay.



Updated the Orchid galleries to include additional species and new photos from this year.



Added several updates to the Diary/Blog with the final batch of photos from my trip to Switzerland, plus a few trips I've made since my return and a new batch of Tsetse fly photos.



Added several updates to the Diary/Blog with more photos from my trip to Switzerland. It is now complete up to and including 30th June.



Updated the Diary/Blog with photos from the first week of my 2 month trip to Switzerland.



I have now been in Switzerland for almost a month now and due to not having electricity for the first 3 weeks of the trip am getting very behind in my photo editing! I'm slowly catching up, but it's a difficult task when I'm out every day taking even more pictures!

The first of the diary updates from the trip are now online and cover the few days I spent in Kent before driving down to Switzerland. The updates are: 19th May (Rye Harbour); 19th May (Wye NNR) and 20th May (Dungeness).

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