October 2015


Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae)

I continued my 2015 tour of Australia with a whole month exploring the "Top End", searching for a number of regional specialities, including Gouldian Finch, Rainbow Pitta, Chestnut-quilled and White-quilled Rock-pigeons, Sandstone Shrike-thrush and Black-banded Fruit-dove.

Darwin Fog Dam Kakadu NP (E. Alligator) Kakadu NP (Mamakula) Kakadu NP (Nourlangie) Pine Creek Victoria River Crossing Wyndham (Finches) Wyndham (all other wildlife) Litchfield National Park

1. Darwin
2. Fog Dam
3. Kakadu NP (East Alligator River)
4. Kakadu NP (Mamakula Wetlands)
5. Kakadu NP (Nourlangie)


6. Pine Creek
7. Victoria River Crossing
8. Wyndham (Finches)
9. Wyndham (Other wildlife)
10. Litchfield National Park