Birds of the World

Passerellidae : New World Sparrows

Song Sparrow

Melospiza melodia

Maryland, USA - February 2000

California, USA - May 2006

Song Sparrows are widespread and seasonally common throughout North America. They are resident over much of their range, but are only present in the interior provinces of Canada in the breeding season, and the southern states of USA and Northern Mexico in winter.

New Jersey, USA - May 2001

Song Sparrows exhibit a wide range of variation with birds in the northwest being much darker than those in the east.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada - September 2011

Virginia, USA - February 2001

The bird below was busy collecting nesting material while there was a foot (30cm) of snow on the ground...Normal nesting activity is not until March/April in Maryland and Virginia, so this bird was probably being a bit optimistic!

Virginia, USA - January 2000