Australasian Birds

Turdidae : Thrushes

Eurasian Blackbird

Turdus merula

Muriwai, New Zealand - November 2005

As with many European songbirds, Blackbirds were introduced into New Zealand in the latter half of the 19th century. Between 1862-1875, about 1000 birds were released on the islands by the Acclimatisation Societies to help the settlers feel more at home in their new surroundings. By the early 20th century, they had spread throughout both main islands and had colonised the Chatham and Aukland Island groups. Today, it is one of New Zealand's most common birds.

Male - Nottinghamshire, England - January 2011

Male - Nottinghamshire, England - December 2010

Adult female - Devon, England - February 2004

Moulting juvenile male - Lothian, Scotland - October 2004