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Anatidae : Swans, Geese & Ducks

Eurasian Teal

Anas crecca

Male on a frozen pond - Nottinghamshire, England - February 2018

The Eurasian Teal is Britain's smallest duck and, in the winter, can be found in large flocks at many coastal and inland locations.

Male - Lancashire, England - February 2004

It is also a scarce breeding species, with the majority of the population found in northern Scotland where they mostly nest on upland pools and marshes.  In southeast England, however, their prefered breeding habitat is lowland marshes and lake margins with dense emergent vegetation.

Male - Lancashire, England - March 2003

Male moulting out of eclipse plumage - Lancashire, England - November 2008

Post-breeding, males moult into an eclipse plumage that closely resembles that of the female.  The more cryptic colours provide the birds with greater camouflage during the vulnerable period when they are moulting their flight feathers.  It is a very transitory plumage and the males moult back into their normal plumage soon after the wing moult is complete.

Female - Lancashire, England - March 2003

Female - Norfolk, England - November 2009

After preening and bathing, many ducks raise themselves out of the water and vigorously flap their wings to help settle their feathers back into the correct positions.

Female - Norfolk, England - November 2009