Anglesey, Wales - May 2009

The Tipulidae is the largest Dipteran family with over 4250 species so far described. Of these, approximately 300 species occur in Britain.

Anglesey, Wales - May 2009

In many parts of the English-speaking world (UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand) Crane-flies are commonly known as Daddy-Long-Legs. This, however, can cause a great deal of confusion in North America where the name "daddy-long-legs" is given to what we call harvestmen (Opiliones) over here. And just to make the matter even more complicated, cellar spiders of the genus Pholcus are also given the same common name.

probably Nephrotoma quadrifaria - Wirral, England - May 2007

Crane-flies vary greatly in size, from large tropical species that are over 100mm in length to mosquito-sized individuals (such as in the photo below). All crane-flies possess a V-shaped thoracic suture that can help distinguish them from other families that are similar in appearance.

Cheshire, England - May 2009