Western Grey Kangaroo

Macropus fuliginosus

male - Victoria, Australia - September 2010

This very common large kangaroo is found throughout most of southern Australia, except for the east coast where it is replaced by the even larger Eastern Grey Kangaroo.

female - Victoria, Australia - September 2010

At full speed, Kangaroos have been measured travelling at up to 65kph (40mph).

male - Victoria, Australia - September 2010

Western Grey Kangaroos exhibit a high degree of sexual dimorphism, with the males about 30% taller and up to twice as heavy as the females. The males have a distinctive musty odour which has given rise to the colloquial name of Stinker.

joey - Western Australia - October 2014

The joeys stay in their mother's pouch for about 280 days and continues to suckle until it is about 17 months old. Unlike most macropods, the female Western Grey Kangaroo does not exhibit embryonic diapause and will not conceive until there is enough time before the birth for the current joey to leave the pouch.

female - Western Australia - October 2014

female - Western Australia - November 2014