Flowering Plants

The Angiosperms are the most diverse group of land plants, containing 416 families with nearly 300,000 species described. There are a number of characteristics that distinguish angiosperms from gymnosperms but the main ones include the presence of flowers and an endosperm within the seeds. The APG IV (2016) classification splits them into 2 main groups: the Basal Angiosperms, which contains only a few hundred species (the most familiar of which are the water-lilies) and the Core Angiosperms (Mesangiospermae). The Core Angiosperms are further subdivided into another 5 groups that contain the Monocotyledons and Eudicots plus another 3 minor groups (Magnoliids, Chloranthales and Ceratophyllales) that are not covered here

Basal Angiosperms


Core Angiosperms