May 2013

Part 2: Plants & Insects

Yellow Archangel (Lamiastrum galeobdolon)

The spring flowers were out in force, and I spent quite a bit of time this month filling a few gaps in my portfolio...

Water Avens (Geum rivale)

Lords-and-Ladies (Arum maculatum)

There were two colour forms of Early Purple Orchid in the colony I found in an ancient broadleaved woodland: the normal dark purple form and a pale form which was a colour I normally associate with Common Spotted Orchid.

Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula)

Insect activity was generally pretty poor for the time of year due to the continuation of the cool weather we have had this spring. I haven't seen the statistics myself, but someone told me that the combined average temperatures from March, April and May have made this the coldest spring in the East Midlands since 1970!

Rove Beetle sp. (Staphylinidae)

Common Earwig (Forficula auricularia)

A result of the cold temperatures were seen in the very low numbers of moths being attracted to my garden light trap with most nights struggling to reach double figures.

Red-green Carpet (Chloroclysta siterata)

Flame Carpet (Xanthorhoe designata)

Lime-speck Pug (Eupithecia centaureata)

Gracillaria syringella (syn. Caloptilia syringella)

Argyrotaenia ljungiana

Twenty-plume Moth (Alucita hexadactyla)

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